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Young and Free Baby Overalls

Brand Young and Free

Created in 2014, our brand has been a labor of love. With neither my wife or myself having a background in the apparel industry, it has been a project that has been all about learning. The brand was created when me and my wife were pregnant with our 4 year old daughter, Rylynn. My wife, Danielle, has always been very creative. At the time she was pregnant, she started making things for our baby girl and as time went on she starting selling things on instagram. This is where I, Justin,  came in. I have always enjoyed taking on new projects and when I saw that Danielle was beginning to sell some of her unique designs, I began to get involved. My background is in manufacturing. I have enjoyed the experience of working with a team of people to achieve a common goal. Although it is a different industry, it has again been something I enjoy greatly. I would have never imagined myself in the apparel industry, but it is something that I am extremely passionate about as it is my wife’s designs coming to life! As our brand begins to grow, it is a very intense period. The hours are long as I work outside the business during the day and try to keep everything pulled together with Young and Free at night. We are striving to build the brand to a point where we can be full time in the business in 2018. In the middle of the chaos, my love for my girls grows everyday. Our 4-year-old daughter, Rylynn, is registered for kindergarten in the fall and our 2-year-old, Emery, is learning new things everyday and her personality is developing. Hardwork, passion, learning, freedom, and love. Along with our girls, we want to always remain,Young and Free.