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Wool Dryer Balls

Brand FiberFeltnMore

Each one of these wool dryer balls is 100% hand felted. These wool dryer balls are felted a minimum of two times and if the required firmness is not reached they are felt again and they will hold up to the test of time. They are just larger than a tennis ball which gives you a perfect size ball. 

Wool dryer balls are an inexpensive and reusable Eco-Friendly alternative to dryer sheets. The wool absorbs water, which reduces drying time to protect delicate clothing and save on energy bills. Adding several balls to the dryer will separate clothing, which also reduces drying time and decreases static. As the dryer balls rub up against items in the dryer, gentle friction helps to soften fabric fibers and fluff large items like comforters, eliminating the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These wool dryer balls will last 5 plus years!