Wanderer Bracelets - St Pete Banyan Trees

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Wanderer Bracelets - St Pete Banyan Trees

There’s one dot on the map that holds more of your deepest memories than any other place. It’s where you fell in love, found your tribe, or risked it all. It’s where you were born – or reborn into a braver, stronger version of you.

“It is where my adventure began with my best friend, where our families became blended and we all became one. It is a constant reminder of the foundation we continue to build on & the love that continues to grow.” – Kayla J.

In a village at the edge of a jungle in Bali, each bracelet is hand carved from natural water buffalo bone , and woven into an adjustable nylon thread band.

Your purchase of Wanderer Bracelet opens opportunities, sustains creativity, and strengthens community amongst 150+ artisans in a small village in Bali, Indonesia. Read more about our impact.

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