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Waff Educational Play Mat

Brand Waff

The WAFF Play Mat is a customizable mat that enhances child development and promotes early learning. It includes 300 assorted colors, letters, and numbers to create art, practice math equations, and spell out words!

Product features:

  • Create educational games and puzzles
  • Introduce reading and writing principles
  • Create pixelated art
  • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division principles

What does the WAFF Play Mat include?

  • 1 Soft Silicone Play Mat
  • 300 assorted WAFF cubes (100 solid, 50 math, 50 letters, and 100 emoji)
  • 1 activity booklet
  • 1 small cotton bag
  • Tons of fun!

Product dimensions:

  • 14.5" W x 12 " H

Recommendable for ages 6+