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Teddykompaniet Puppy Dog

$ 32.00

Brand Teddykompaniet

Teddykonpaiet is a family-run, toy company hailing from Sweden.

For over 20 years, Swedish little ones (even Princess Estelle!) have preferred to snuggle up to Teddykompaniet’s toys . We’re finally bringing our Scandinavian design and quality to the US!

All of our products have been tested according to current safety standards in both Sweden and Europe and comply with CE according to EN71 regulations, which means that they are:

Child safe – eyes, noses and other plastic parts are tested to withstand being pulled out, with seams tested for strength and stitching.

Flame and fire resistant – the products will not catch fire and the material is flame resistant.

Non-Toxic – the colour dyes we use are non-toxic and all plastic parts have a non-toxic base.