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Scooter Booties Soft Sole Shoes

$ 25.00

Brand Scooter Booties

The best shoes for your child when they are starting to stand and walk are the ones that mimic bare feet, and soft soled shoes are recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists for babies and toddlers. Soft soled shoes promote good balance, help develop the strength and grasping action of little toes, and allow for wiggle room and growth.

Faux suede sole - This is a naturally durable material that has some grip to it. It does well on textured hardwood and tile. This is the softest sole option, and is always recommended for babies who are not walking. This is also a good option for walking babies and toddlers who will be using these booties as indoor shoes or slippers. The faux suede is not recommended for heavy outdoor use. Inner sole is lined with faux sherpa suede.