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Rubbabu Bowling Set

$ 29.99 $ 15.00

Brand Rubbabu

Rubbabu's AWARD WINNING hand made natural foam toys in simple shapes and bright colors are loved by kids and parents alike.Soft and safe for even the youngest children, tactile and bendable, they offer endless play value and learning. Rubbabu toys encourage imaginative play. They are strong and durable, one of those toys that become a child’s favorite companion for many years.

  • These hand made, natural rubber foam toys are made without cutting down trees!
  • Strong educational value for infants and toddlers.
  • Develops sensory, motor, and cognitive skills.
  • Made from safe materials of the best quality.
  • Rubbabu toys are made of 100% natural rubber foam and not synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is the sap of the tree which is bio-degradable and renewable. Trees are not cut down or harmed by the extraction of rubber.
  • Not only is natural rubber flexible and durable, it is also anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, mildew resistant, hypo-allergenic and flame retardant.