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Newborn Diaper Rental Package

Brand Growing Up

There is an investment when starting cloth diapers, and it can be expensive.  With Growing Up, starting your stash and cloth diapering your newborn can be easy and affordable! Our program is less expensive than either diapering a newborn with disposable diapers for two months or purchasing a whole stash of newborn cloth diapers, and is designed to help parents cloth diaper their brand new babies for two months (the average length of time a baby fits into newborn size) without making a long-term commitment or investing a large sum in small diapers that baby will outgrow quickly. Have further questions? Read our Newborn Diaper Rental FAQ's here.

Please note your Estimated Due Date in your Order Notes.

What's included?

Enough diapers to cloth diaper a newborn, doing laundry every 2 days; 24 newborn all-in-one cloth diapers, contains Lil Joey and/or Thirsties

What's the cost?

  • New - $299 ($199 rental fee plus $100 refundable deposit).
  • Pre-loved - $199 ($99 rental fee plus $100 refundable deposit).
    • Your deposit will be refunded via
      • $100 cash refund via paypal, or
      • $149 store credit via store credit

    How long is the rental period?

    • The full rental period is 12 weeks long
    • You will receive your diapers 1-2 weeks before your EDD
    • Your rental period starts with your baby's date of birth

    Do I need anything else?

    We recommend the following additional accessories to compliment your Newborn Diaper Rental Package.

    • Wetbags and/or pail liner
      • 1-2 wetbags for travel (medium works great) and 1-2 wetbags or pail liners for home
    • 2 dozen cloth wipes
    • Cloth diaper safe detergent
    • Cloth diaper safe diaper cream

    Rental Agreement

    We do have a few rules. By purchasing this item, you agree to the following:

    1. pay the refundable deposit,
    2. care for the diapers according the specific instructions provided, use only cloth diaper safe detergents,
    3. avoid using fabric softeners or bleach, avoid using ointments/creams except for those that are cloth diaper safe and have been approved for use,
    4. only use the diapers in a non-smoking environment (no member of the household is allowed to smoke, inside or outside, no exceptions) – if your diapers come back smelling like smoke or odor-masking substances (like Febreeze) they will be considered damaged and you will be responsible for the full retail amount of those diapers,
    5. return the diapers to Growing Up on time – they are due to be returned to our store by the last date of your rental period or postmarked by that last date, or you will be charged for an additional month of rental time,
    6. return the diapers to Growing Up clean, dry, and in good condition – good condition meaning that they will show light signs of wear but still be fully functional; stains from normal wear should be as minimal as possible (placing wet, clean diapers into the sun is an easy way to do this) and diapers should be odorless and free from any type of hair. If we have to launder or care for diapers in any way to make them acceptable for use again, there will be a $20 laundering fee taken from your deposit (this policy Is non-negotiable and completely at our discretion, so please look over your diapers carefully before returning them.),
    7. pay full retail value for damaged, lost, or unusable diapers,
    8. use gently used diapers on your baby, unless you pay for a brand-new package -- gently used diapers have been used by one or more babies, but each package upon delivery to our store has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and prepped for the next baby. We would never send a customer diapers that we wouldn’t be willing to put on our own children,
    9. not hold Growing Up liable for any consequence that may occur in the use of our rental diapers.