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Jellycat Mad Pets Flora Flamingo

$ 32.50

Brand Jellycat

Mad Pets

These exceptional creations are some of the wackiest soft toys in the Jellycat collection: you'll always see them primping and preening their crazy yet very soft fur! Orlando Owl is a perfect pal for wise birds and Cyril Sloth, a giggle for those who like their soft toys a little less ordinary. Adventures are sure to abound with all these crazy characters and fur flying around.


Flora Flamingo is one funky lady, with soft, way feathers in springtime pink! This lanky lass is Tony Toucan's friend, and she loves to step out with him, looking like a star. Her long black beak is gorgeously bold and her long legs and neck look cool in hot pink. Flora loves her quirky look, and we think she's flapping fabulous.