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Douglas Toys - Jet Stream Squid

Brand Douglas Toys

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Move over all the boring, same old stuffed animals! Here comes Stretch the Squid: fun, fanciful master of all the plush squids! At a whopping 40″ long (including tentacles) Stretch makes a big impression that will not disappoint. A vibrant true-to-life orange color with a pale coral underside, and big sparkly green eyes Stretch  just might make all your dreams come true. Seriously, we hear he’s pretty well known in the deep waters for his magic eight ball antics. You’ll have to find our for yourself, though.

Did we mention how amazingly soft and squishy he is? Or that he is designed by loving hands of Designers in Keene, NH who REALLY love their jobs?

Adding Stretch the stuffed animal Squid to your posse or as a gift that will never disappoint is the thing you should do. We triple squid dare you.