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Bird & Elephant Crinkle Teether - Assorted

$ 18.00 $ 6.99

Brand Bird & Elephant

Crinkle-lined fabric stars and paper boats attach to wood teething rings via handmade, fabric ties. The fabrics are high contrast for baby's developing eyes. Each shape, whether star or boat, is large enough for the littlest to grip, aiding in holding the teething ring to mouth. The crinkle material is sandwiched between two layers of cotton fabric with an added layer of cotton flannel, and offers a bit more auditory sensory stimulation and those tiny fingers will get a workout on fine motor skills making those crinkly sounds.

These can be easily added to strollers and carseats.

The fabric ties are handmade. The ties/color of each, may differ from the ones pictured. The ties wrap around the wood ring and are knotted so baby can't pull them loose. They may be untied when the fabric needs to be washed (see below for details on special washing instructions).



PLEASE knot the ties back on the wood ring so baby cannot undo them, which could become a choking or strangling hazard. ALWAYS supervise baby when playing with with this teether. Please follow all rules of safety for cribs, carseats, etc.


* Spot cleaning is recommended, but if you must wash, use cold water and do NOT put in the dryer. Air dry only. The material used for crinkling will shrink.