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Purchase a Newborn Diaper Rental here.

Find everything you need to know about our Newborn Diaper Rental Program here. Click each question to get your answer.

Program Details

Used or New?

When does the rental begin? How long does it last?

Can I choose the colors of my diapers?

Can the rental packaged be modified?

Can I end my rental early?

Can I extend my rental?

I've decided I want to keep everything. How do I do that?

I'm finished with my diapers. What now?

What happens to the diapers once they are returned?


Do I get a refund or store credit when my deposit is returned?

What is a deposit?

What if my rental program was a gift? Do I get the refund?


How do I get my diapers ready for use?

How do I wash my diapers?

What do I do about meconium?


Twins or Triplets?

Our baby will be circumcised. Anything special we need to do?

Can I use these diapers in the hospital?

Do I earn points for my Frequent Families card by renting a newborn diaper package? Can I use store credit/gift card to rent a newborn diaper package? Can a coupon be applied to my order?