Membership and Playspace FAQ's

1. Do I have to have a membership to play? 
-Although we do have several membership options to choose from, you can also pay to play for the day!

2. What if I need to end my membership?
-Memberships are rebilled every month. You can always email us at or call us at 727-894-4769 with any issues.

3. Is there a registration fee?
-Yes. There is a one time fee of 35$ to sign up for a membership.

4. What is the age limit of the playspace?
-We love all of your children, but we also care about their safety. To ensure that everyone remains safe, we ask that only children 5 and under play on the play structure. Older children are still allowed to attend with their families and siblings but are prohibited from playing on the structure.

5. Can I book a private party?
-Yes! We offer a 2 hour party rental with many different add-on's to accommodate your needs. If you are interested in booking a  private party or event please here!

6. Can I drop off my Child(ren) and come back?
-At this time we are a supervised playspace, meaning you must stay with your children through your entire visit.

7. What is the dress code?
-To keep the risk of illness and other health risks to a minimum, the only requirement we have regarding dress code is that all children must wear socks when they come in to play. Adults are not required to wear socks.

8. Is outside food and drink allowed? 
-We understand that your little ones need to eat more frequently, so we do allow food and frink but ask that you do not eat in the playspace. 
We are a NUT FREE zone.

9. Can we leave and return in the same day?

-We do allow re-entry into our playspace from the times of 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Meaning if you come play with us in the morning and leave to go have lunch you are welcome back until 7:30p.m. when we shut down the playspace for cleaning.

10. Do we hold classes? 
-Yes! We have many craft events to attend with your little ones. Most of our crafts are appropriate for all ages. To register for a craft click here!

11. What do I need to do to play?
-We have a small list of steps to follow before coming to play. You can read up on these rules here!

12. Is there Parking available? 
-Yes! We have parking readily available to make your visit easy on you! No more pesky street parking!

13. Can I attend a Craft or event if I'm not a member?
-Absolutely! We do require that all craft and event attendee's do sign up ahead of time to ensure that you will have a spot, but you do not have to be a member to join.

14. How Often do you clean and Sanitize the Playspace?
-We strive to keep our playspace clean and sanitary to make sure your children can enjoy a fun AND clean environment. With that being said, we sanitize the playspace and all toys before and after guests leave and in between staff shift changes.

15. Can another person bring my child to play? 
-If you would like another adult individual to bring your child with them to play, please just make sure that they provide their name and relationship to the Child (Ex; Nanny, Grandparent, Aunt and so on)and their Identification to verify their information.

16. What are the best days and hours to bring my child to play?
-Most of our mornings are the best "busy" times to come play and meet other parent friends or child friends. Saturdays are a very common time to bring in children as well. If you are looking for a little more of a calmer environment, the afternoons are the best time to have more of a one on one play time.