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BALM Baby Spray that Bottom

$ 12.99

Brand BALM Baby

BALM! Baby Spray the Bottom! is made with healing herbs infused with Hawaii's most healing oils. This is the spray form of BALM! Baby Diaper Balm/1st Aid. Spray it on diaper rash, eczema, bug bites, sunburns, itchy cradle cap, scrapes, cuts and more.  

BALM! Baby Spray the Bottom is Cloth Diaper Safe!

Ingredients: Organic, 100% Natural, Nut Free & Vegan - Witch Hazel (alcohol free), extra virgin olive oil, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, & rosemary, St. John's wort, chickweed, vitamin e T-50, Organic Essential oil blend of orange, lavender & tea tree

Size:  4 oz. - stored in recycled aluminum