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Our Fall Favorites

Our Fall Favorites

You have to admit that cooler fall weather is always welcome after a long summer. The rest of the country is preparing for snow, and we are just thankful to wear leggings without melting. Now that it is finally cooling off, we're rounding up a few of our cool weather favorites to celebrate!

1. Anything Kickee Pants! Made from rayon and a little spandex, which makes it soft and stretchy. Their swaddles are a little thicker than your typical swaddle which makes them perfect for these cooler months.

2. The Lenny Lamb Little Love collection. The heartweave is soft yet supportive, but a little thick for the Florida summer. As soon as the highs are below 90 I am breaking out all my squishy thicker wraps that are just too much during the summer and the Little Love collection is at the top of that list.

3. Birds and Bees Teas. There is nothing like sitting down with a warm cup of tea on a cool night. The family immunity tea is a delicious and boosts the immune system. It's a favorite in our house with a little bit of honey.

4. Scooter Booties. The perfect mix of sock and shoe. They are soft like socks but sturdy like a shoe. They are great for keeping little toes warm while not adding too much bulk - especially for little ones learning to walk.

5. da bomb bath fizzers - because nothing bests a hot bath on a cold night. These bath fizzers are fun for kids and adults since you probably won't get to take a bath by yourself.

November 20, 2016 by Ashley Dunham
Tags: fall