Zero Waste - Earth Day 2016

Ashley Dunham

Today is Earth Day! It is great to have a day devoted to being mindful of our waste, which helps us think of ways to reduce the amount of waste we create. One great way to reduce our waste is to look in our trash can and see what we are constantly throwing away. Water bottles? Diapers? Ziploc bags? K cups? Fast food trash? There are waste free options for all of these things!


Virtually anything you throw away can be replaced with a reusable alternative. Ditch the water bottles and use a reusable bottle. They may be more costly upfront but will save you in the long run and will save hundreds of plastic bottles from the landfill. Pack your lunch with reusable containers and sandwich bags. This will save plastic throw away containers, Ziploc bags and wrappers from the trash as well. This will also help you avoid getting stuck out somewhere with no food and stopping to get lunch. Hitting the drive thru may seem convenient, but it is more expensive and accumulates a lot of trash. Think about it, every item comes in its own container. Plus the straw is in a wrapper, and then everything is put inside a bag and stuffed with napkins. That is a ton of trash for one meal! Other convenience items such as K cups, disposable diapers and wipes, paper towels and body wash are easy to replace with more sustainable or reusable items such as regular coffee pots, or even a French press, cloth diapers and wipes, kitchen towels, and bar soaps.


If you start switching out items and still see a lot going in your trash can, think about what items could be recycled. When you go to the store, instead of buying something in a plastic bag, look for an alternative in a box, which could be recycled. Another easy swap, instead of throwing food waste into the trash, compost it! It is easy to get a small countertop compost bucket to collect your food scraps, which can then be put into an outside garden or around a tree. The fewer items that go into the trash, the better! What do you do to reduce your waste? Share your tips with us!


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